Working Subjects and Formats of the Association

Encourage vehicle owners to use electric vehicles,

Market research and development of feasibility studies for the activation and development of activities

To organize training courses such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels,


To provide all kinds of information, documents, documents and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose, to create a documentation center, to announce the activities of the newspaper, magazines, books and bulletins to publish such publications,

To provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the purpose, to provide all kinds of technical equipment, fixtures and stationery materials,

Providing assistance collection activities and receiving donations from the country and abroad

Establish and operate economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to provide the income needed for the realization of the purpose of the Statute,



To open and localize social and cultural facilities for the benefit of their members and to evaluate their free time,

In order to improve and maintain the human relations among the members of the organization, there can be meetings, concerts, ballrooms, theater, exhibitions, sports, excursions and entertaining events. to organize or ensure that members benefit from such activities,


To buy, sell, rent, lease and rent real estate on real estate, which is needed for association activities,


To establish a foundation in the country and abroad, to establish a federation or to participate in a federation,


To take part in international activities, to become a member of associations or organizations abroad and to cooperate with these organizations or to cooperate,


Subject to the provisions of Law No. 5072 on Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Institutions, to carry out joint projects on matters falling within the scope of public institutions and organizations and their duties,


Establishing polls to meet short-term credit needs of the members of the association with food, clothing and other goods and services,


Opening representations where deemed necessary,


To establish platforms in order to realize a common goal with other associations or foundations, unions and similar non-governmental organizations in areas that are related to the purpose of the Association and which are not prohibited by law,



Domestic Projects

Projects and Collaborations will be given in this section if the other party also gives consent. We update the website regularly, please visit again later.

International Projects

Worker with Goggles

EAFO , EU Commission,

AVERE partner

October 2018 - 2021

Power supply connect to electric vehicle

SEEV4City, Interreg North-Sea,

AVERE partner

September 2016 - 2019

Fixing Roofs

REE4EU, H2020, AVERE partner

October 2015 - 2018