" More than 1000 Members &

16 Countries"


The World Association of Electric Vehicles (WEVA) consists of three regional organizations; - Electric Transport Association (EDTA), European Association of Electro Mobility (AVERE) and Asian Pacific Electric Vehicle Association (EVAAP). These three international associations aim at expanding the mobility in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


AVERE is a European network that brings together the users of electric vehicle users, non-governmental organizations, associations, state bodies, R & D organizations, vehicles and equipment and all other related groups in Europe.

  • AVERE encourages electro mobility and sustainable transport across Europe since 1978

  • AVERE is the only association in the European Union to represent and protect the rights of industry, academia and EV users at both EU and national level.

  • It provides a unique platform for the exchange of information, experience and ideas for the dissemination of electromobility across Europe.

  • With the participation of Turkey, AVERA currently has an active membership of 16 European countries, especially Norway, France and the Netherlands are among the countries most successful EV.

  • In the National Departments, there are approximately 1000 members among SMEs, OEMs and other companies of commercial interest in electro mobility.