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  • Power electronics manufacturers

  • Real estate (Construction owners, Facility managers, Construction contractors)

  • Fuel distribution companies

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New international cooperation opportunities


WEVA World Electric Vehicle Association and AVERE can participate in conferences and events organized by the European electro mobility association in various countries around the world. The World Electric Vehicle sector can be tracked on an international scale and can establish networks and new collaborations with international manufacturers, companies, organizations and organizations. The members of AVERE ELECTRO MOBILITY Association (on average every 3 months) have the opportunity to meet with other international members and to evaluate possible collaborations at the meetings held.


Direct impact on legislation and standards


ELECTRO MOBILITY Association for AVERA legislation and any international experience to pass on the standards in Turkey and to ensure the dissemination of the electric vehicle market, the removal of legal regulations and standards will be required intensive effort.


Leading the Electric Vehicle market with association committees


Members of the AVERE ELECTRO MOBILITY Association have the right to take part in association committees. Thus, WEVA and AVERE, which have a central position in the field of Electric Vehicles, have a say in the developments in the European Mobility Mobility Association at the same time.


Big discounts


The members of the AVERE ELECTRO MOBILITY Association have the opportunity to benefit from the regular training of the association and other paid activities with 50% discount. Our members who participate in the fairs with active participation in the organization of the association can benefit from special discounts.


Members shall have the right to vote in the General Assembly of AVERE ELEKTRO MOBİLİTE Association.


Social responsibility


The members of the AVERE ELECTRO MOBILITY Association show that they are the active supporters of social responsibility projects by supporting the association which aims at the acak Widening of Electric Vehicles çok mission which will contribute greatly to the solution of this problem and the global environmental crisis which is one of the most current problems in the world. The members of the AVERE ELECTRO MOBILITY Association can use the logo of the association in marketing materials and web sites to prevent other institutions.


Sector-oriented human resources


The members of the AVERE ELECTRO MOBILITY Association can make free use of the association's web site for the search for personnel in the field of Electric Vehicle.


Expertise of AVERE ELECTRO MOBILITY Association


The members of AVERE ELEKTRO MOBİLİTY Association have the opportunity to implement national / international projects which can be jointly made on Electric Vehicle with the association.